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October 15, 2022

Professionally and within the billiards world, it was reported that she had gone into retirement, and there have been rumors that her husband had tried to keep her from playing billiards any longer. By 1961, there had reached a degree within the billiards world the place such three-cushion world championship competitions had not been organized nor happened. This meant that Harold Worst had remained the champion for over seven years and, in doing so, issued Katsura a competitive match offer for $2,000. Katsura didn’t just cease on the 1952 championship, though.

He began working there in his senior 12 months of high school and completed his main. Began his career as a pool player at the age of fifteen, successful mixed tournaments in Japan and China. Three-time Japanese billiards champion and American general dodgers hat with palm trees champion Kenny Matsuyama studied in 1937. As against pocket billiards, generally referred to as pool.

Google honors Masako Katsura, a world-class billiards participant, who paved the way for ladies to take part in sports activities on the animated homepage Doodle. The name stems from the fact that she was the primary girl ever to compete within the world’s three-cushion championship, which was a men-only affair. In 1937, Katsura’s billiards career got an enormous enhance when she met Kinrey Matsunya, who coached her on how to play at the highest professional level. Matsunya was a multiple-time Japanese three-cushion champion and a 1934 U.S. national champion, amongst different feats.

Katsura practiced diligently, and started competing towards Japanese men and beating them. At just 15, Katsura gained the women’s championship straight rail match of Japan. “Then I turned skilled and commenced touring with a sister all over Japan, China and Formosa”, stated Katsura in a 1959 interview. Katsura’s two youthful sisters, Noriko and Tadako, also won the ladies’s straight rail championship in other years. Masako Katsura, nicknamed Katsy was born in Tokyo in 1913.

Katsura and Kilgore put on a week-long exhibition in San Francisco in January 1953, the place they seesawed forwards and backwards. On January 12, Katsura beat Kilgore in their first match with runs of seven and ten, however misplaced to him of their second. The complete points scored by the two at that time was 349 for Katsura to Kilgore’s 379.


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