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March 9, 2021

With the advent of the modern computer, it has become easier to think about the outside world. We are aware that there are computer users and people who can keep up with the world. But we have to be careful about thinking about these things so we can get our actions on autopilot.

The most common misconception is that computers and the outside world are one and the same. They aren’t. Computers are not the same thing as “outside” the computer. Computers are machines that act “outside” the computer. In other words, a computer is a human-made device that is used to help us do things. Computers are not a “thing” itself.

Computer games are a great example of this. So many people believe that a computer game is purely a game, that it doesn’t matter if the thing you’re doing is actually good or not, as long as your brain is engaged somewhere. This is an incorrect way of thinking about computer games. Your brain is what actually makes you human.

Computer games are actually something else. The games that are popular in the world right now (such as World of Warcraft and Grand Theft Auto) are games that are designed to make you feel good. They are designed to keep our brain engaged, and to keep us entertained. Computer games are not just games. They are an aspect of the human experience. We are addicted to computer games on a massive scale, and the addiction is so deep that sometimes we cannot function without them.


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