Cryptopia 2023: Experts Discussing Crypto’s Potential Downturn

August 12, 2023
Cryptopia 2023: Experts Discussing Crypto’s Potential Downturn
  • Cryptopia is a gathering of multiple crypto experts in one place
  • People discussed the impact of crypto’s downward trend

The most awaited public event of 2023, Cryptopia, finally occurred at the University of Utah’s A.The event consisted of a small number of crypto enthusiasts. While many expected the event to be exciting, the attendees later described the event as having been boring. Unlike the Cryptopia event which was held in January 2022, the recent one could not live up to people’s expectations. 

Cryptopia 2023: Experts Discussing Crypto’s Potential Downturn

What were the topics covered in Cryptopia 2023?

Cryptopia 2023 was primarily planned for experts to discuss their views on certain situations that might have impacted cryptocurrencies. Its sharp downturn could be linked to multiple causes throughout the crypto markets. People have been heard saying almost two-thirds of cryptocurrency valuation from $3 trillion has vanished. 

The recent crash of FTX  is one of the reasons for cryptocurrencies’ downward trend.  Multiple cryptocurrency-based startups have seen themselves bite the dust prematurely. Even several banks associated with crypto have been forced to shut down amidst such conditions. However, the rise of AI has significantly impacted cryptocurrencies, driving their adoption across multiple industries around the world. 

Scott Paul, the chief organizer and moderator of Cryptopia, was responsible for  asking questions to the panelists. Nicki Sanders, Mick Hagen, Dan Young, Kathy Roberts, Todd Crosland, and Ethan Parker were some of the experts present at the event. 

Cryptopia 2023: Experts Discussing Crypto’s Potential Downturn

The views of panelists in Cryptopia 2023

Nicki Sanders, who was mainly responsible for sponsoring Cryptopia, talked about the different use cases of Web3 and AI, and about how AI can potentially change the crypto space. 

Mick Hagen, CEO of Hightop, expressed his concerns regarding the US’ handling of regulations in the short term. However, from a long-term perspective, it could turn out to be positive. He also added that Web3 could be the future and that it could expose more  people to the DeFi market. 

Dan Young, who has been a big part of crypto since 2014, has recently inaugurated Ugly Unicorn. It is a separate fund made for generating support for cryptocurrencies and NFTs. He went on to explain how different exchanges like Coinbase are treading on thin waters because whenever a big collapse engulfs the market, they would crumble like cards. 

Kathy Roberts voiced her concerns regarding people blaming crypto for the banking sector’s failure. She said that people have been pushing an agenda against cryptocurrencies without concrete evidence. 


Although many people were quick to point their fingers against the arrangements around Cryptopia 2023, if you look at the bigger picture, you might learn plenty of new things based on the experts’ suggestions. In conclusion, Cryptopia has been an amazing experience for everyone who attended and participated in the event.

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