Messaging App Usage Statistics: Worldwide Usage Numbers

October 15, 2022

But, given that Facebook owns both platforms – they’ll be OK, regardless. It’s solely surpassed by WhatsApp, for which the actual statistic reveals a userbase of 1.6 billion per month. The battle of WhatsApp vs. Facebook Messenger is shut, but there you go – there’s just one winner and it’s WhatsApp. Turns out simply searching via the app amounts to round 1.5 MB of information per minute. The rise is going down in part because of the expansion of creating digital markets.

As of 2021, Facebook has over 2 billion month-to-month active customers. Daily active customers on average for Q reached 1.8 billion, which was an 11% year-over-year increase byju 1b capital 15b. 80% of video marketers declare that video has instantly elevated gross sales.

This advertising channel is still new and has already confirmed effective. Click-to-Messenger advertisements are comparatively low cost, which in turn lowers the total clients’ acquisition prices. The adverts on Facebook look the same, they only utilize Messenger bots all the finest way – from engagement by way of lead technology to conversion. Facebook adverts, in contrast, normally lead to the brand’s web site the place you hope to interact prospects.

In fact, a lot of Americans had never heard of the corporate earlier than Meta purchased it in 2014. Also, the US is fifth in growth of person numbers with 10 percent consumer enhance. Although not the most popular, a research performed by eMarketer shows, that the US ranks third in variety of WhatsApp customers worldwide after India and Brazil. WeChat and Viber utilization present small enhancements, Telegram greater than triples its usage from three p.c to ten %.

If you determine to observe a video, the utilization will increase to 2.6MB per minute. First, we’ve to take a glance at the size of social media and the big success Facebook has as such a platform. Reactions let users add a response to a message by tapping and holding on it. Using emojis, you can let your chat buddies know the way you are feeling about one thing they’ve said. By 2017, the company had launched reside location sharing. It allowed you to share your current location with family and friends for up to an hour at a time.

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