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Why You’re Failing at net neutrality and bitcoin

I know I’ve been told by some of my friends that “net neutrality” is a good thing. But don’t think for a second, it’s really, really bad.

This is the main reason we are all so opposed to the idea of net neutrality. It’s an idea that has been used to destroy free, fast, and reliable Internet access for years. The fact that it has been used to attack the Internet for decades and is even still being used seems to indicate that it’s not the best idea.

Just as my friends were saying, this idea of net neutrality was used to destroy the Internet when it was created in 1995. It was an idea that was used to stifle innovation and competition in the ISP industry, which led to the infamous Cablecos who built up their own monopolistic control over the Internet.

It’s easy to see how an idea that was originally intended to prevent ISPs from abusing their monopoly power over the Internet could be used to stifle competition in the ISP industry. That’s not to say I want to ban ISPs from providing broadband. I just want them to focus on what they can do, not on what we want them to do.

The idea that ISPs are somehow worse than Cablecos is just wrong. It’s only because we don’t understand what the internet is that we think that ISPs are somehow more evil or worse than Cablecos. I mean, the Cablecos are technically much worse than ISPs because they are in the business of selling services to other people. ISPs are in the business of providing services to businesses, which is not all that different from Cablecos.

ISPs are actually in the business of delivering services to people. The ISPs in the current FCC net neutrality rules aren’t in the business of selling to people. The ISPs are in the business of delivering services to businesses. So the way to make the ISP business more competitive is to not have them in the business of selling services to businesses. The way to make the ISP business less competitive is to have them in the business of delivering services to people.

When you read net neutrality, the first thing that comes to mind is what the FCC recently did to the cable industry. Basically, the FCC said that cable companies can’t offer a package that includes some basic internet access and phone service. What the FCC did was create a new category of service called “fast lane”. In practice, the fast lane isnt that fast.

But the FCC has only meant to create a new class of service. No matter what services you can get from the Internet, you can also use it to buy services. If companies want to offer services to you that aren’t on the open internet, they can buy them from companies that aren’t on the open internet and offer them to you. If you have a broadband connection, most cable companies will allow you to use their internet to access their services.

This is all very well and good, but what does that have to do with bitcoin and net neutrality? Well, bitcoin has been the subject of a lot of regulatory action in the US since the early days of the internet. If you want a good place to read up on that, take a look at the Washington Post’s article Cryptocurrencies vs. Net Neutrality. That post is also a good read on bitcoin as well.

Well, it was just a few days ago that the FCC voted to allow internet service providers like Verizon to start charging high fees for accessing the internet. It’s good that the FCC is taking action on bitcoin because it shows that the internet is still a viable alternative to the state-run internet of today.


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