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October 15, 2022

She refused to permit me to return flooring that had been bought two days earlier although I was replacing it with a flooring from Home Depot that was far dearer. Her refusal got here after certainly one of her employees informed us she can be happy to make the exchange and after we had already unloaded the truck and stacked it where we have been informed to do so. Store Manager was clearly indignant and for reasons that stay unclear advised me to take the flooring and get out of the store. I even have at all times shopped at Home Depot however will certainly reconsider this. “You would assume folks would need regulated pets,” Tracy mentioned, as an alternative of buying them from breeders who ship them from out of state or meet patrons in a field store parking zone. Tracy, whose shop is 14 years old, mentioned his retailer solely gets animals from breeders whose operations are inspected by the united states

“By shopping for a pet you’re supporting the cruelty in the mills.” The owner went on to say protesters who want to shut puppy mills should give consideration to making rules on the state and federal level. “A pet mill is a large-scale breeding facility during which dogs are stored their complete life in small wire-bottom cages to be bred their entire life span,” mentioned protester Lynn Fracassi. Tracy said he sells about 250 puppies yearly and maybe 20 kittens. Violators can be subject to a $500 fantastic and the potential suspension or revocation of its pet shop license.

In addition to our huge community of skilled unbiased retailers and fleet store places, our eleven company-owned Blue Seal Stores supply a selection of services and products. Of course you will discover a full range of high quality Blue Seal feeds and meals on your animals, but you may also discover most of the everyday objects you need on your farm, in your backyard, and at your house. We’re proud to supply regionally produced goods as nicely, and you may all the time discover smiling, educated staff at every of our areas. It seems, although, old-style pet stores have already almost vanished even and not using a legislation pushing them out of business, replaced in giant part by a rising reliance on shelters and rescue teams ready to supply pets to Mainers. Pet shops in cities across the nation have discovered different profitable uses for the cage house and at the second are focusing gross sales efforts on expanded merchandise / brands and services, like grooming, a vet clinic and obedience coaching.

A 2017 survey by the American Pet Products Association discovered that solely 4 p.c of canine homeowners in the United States bought their dog at a pet store. Shelters and rescue teams were the supply of 44 percent of dogs while breeders delivered another 25 %. Another 25 percent got here from friends or familyHughes said that Maine has 82 pet retailers, but few are selling canine and cats. Maine bill would ban puppy and kitten sales at pet storesSen. Ben Chipman, D-Portland, says the measure aims to eliminate puppy mills and encourage people to acquire pets from shelters and rescue programs. Have handed similar legislation with out unfavorable repercussions.

Blue Seal Feeds caters to animals of all sizes from horses and livestock to birds and small pets. Their shop carries a large inventory of horse supplies from grooming to feed to medical care. Blue Seal also manufactures and sells their own model of horse, canine, and cat meals that can be bought at all their shops across the state.

Tracy’s store can additionally be chock filled with pet-related gadgets, however the owner said he doesn’t make sufficient from them to stay open without promoting pets as well. Tracy stated the puppies he sells, which embrace a selection of breeds, price $1,200 or extra, which includes hundreds of dollars in medical care and digital identification chips. Tracy stated animal rights advocates would accomplish extra by convincing Maine to require further state inspections quite than concentrating on his retailer. Without those sales, he mentioned, he would have to close down. We keep the latest kinds and designs ready to suit perfectly into your pets home.

California’s ban took effect this year, the first state to enact the prohibition. And the activist group “Maine Citizens Against Puppy Mills” joined collectively to sponsor laws to ban the sale of dogs and cats in Maine pet outlets, addressing specifically “puppy mill” suppliers. The proposed invoice create healthy habit find buddy bans the sale of canine and cats by licensed Maine pet shops. The bill handed within the State House and Senate and was certain to be first-in-the-nation legislation, only to have it vetoed by Governor LePage.

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