Statis Network – A Leading Platform in the DeFi World

September 11, 2023
Statis Network - A Leading Platform in the DeFi World
  • Statis Network- Aims at generating a sustainable stream of passive income.
  • Based on Principle Resonance, the network has various dynamic strategies.

The world has seen an adoption from traditional finance to decentralized finance (DeFi), as DeFi has completely changed the way the finance field operates. The sudden innovation of decentralized nature in finance has increased a wide consumer base for it. The world of DeFi is changing constantly, and is gradually becoming more and more efficient. Many platforms are coming to interrupt the field of finance. A notable example of one such platform is the Statis Network.

Statis Network – Creating a User Friendly Platform in DeFi

Statis network is an on-chain mutual fund as it describes itself. But, moreover the platform helps the users to earn passive income. Statis network is based on the philosophy of Principal Resonance. Principal Resonance aims at creating the maximum possible impact. The main aim of the platform is to generate customizable passive income by offering several ways for users to participate and earn from the protocol. These ways include farming, staking, holding, as well as NFTs.

The network professionally manages your investment and it is called on-chain because all the assets held in mutual funds are blockchain based coins or tokens. The network has a deflationary token called Statis Network Tokens (STS). The token is deflationary in nature which means that the total supply of the token will decrease over time through automatic and mutual burning.

The network is led by a professional and experienced team. The development and marketing of the platform were fully funded by the team. The platform has not conducted a seed round or Venture Capitalist funding.

Features of Statis Network

  • The network is based on dynamic strategies which means it allows the investor to manage their portfolio according to their preferences.
  • The network’s guiding philosophy is known as Principal Resonance. This concept efficiently leverages within the network’s treasury leading to enhancement of returns and yields.
  • Last but not the least, the network focuses on offering multiple ways to earn passive income. Some of them are yield farming, staking the tokens, holding the tokens, and many more.

What Makes the Statis Network Unique?

The main thing which makes the network unique is it is based on a principle of investor autonomy. It allows investors to take all the decisions rather than interfering or controlling the network on its own. The network provides a sense of security to investors leading to enhancement of investor’s confidence on the platform. 

Statis Viking Collection- An NFT Collection Based on Statis Network

With the boom in the NFT market, the platform has also launched its NFT collection named Statis Viking Collection. The collection consists of 700 AI- generated NFTs and has a Statis branding embedded on them. Their collection comprises 7 clans features namely Bloodaxe Clan, Dragon’s Breath Clan, Frostbite Clan, Ironclad Clan, Odin’s Fury Clan, Stormborn Clan, and Valkyrie’s Vanguard Clan. Most important features of these NFTs include that the users can earn weekly rewards.  


To end with, statis network promises a smart way to smart users to earn passive income. They can use the platform to manage their portfolio. With a consumer-friendly interface, the platform is based fully on the investor’s autonomy allowing investors to manage their portfolios in their desired way.

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