Sumner Redstone: Media Mogul Who Constructed Media Empire Including Cbs, Dies At 97

December 2, 2022

His rising star and his refined performing expertise led to recurring appearances on such television reveals as “Hennessy” and “Have Gun, Will Travel.” Also, he appeared in the western drama known as “Colt.45”. Due to his training in a large household, he spoke both Russian and Lithuanian as a baby. After shedding his father, he began working in a coal mine, the place he was paid a greenback for each ton of coal he dug up.

This fourteen-minute black-and-white silent documentary salutes the “good natured Germans or Hollanders” of Cologne, Minnesota as photographed by native newbie filmmakers Esther and Raymond Dowidat. Cologne, inhabitants 350, is situated southwest of Minneapolis within the midst of dairy farms. When “examined more carefully, the town is basically quaint and picturesque” we’re told by Esther’s handwritten “diary” which serve as the film’s narration. It stands out not because its subject matter is especially distinctive, however as a outcome of it reveals a cinematic sophistication and artistry not usually found in home movies, while capturing a distinct flavor of time and place. In his movie debut, John Singleton wrote and directed this thought-provoking have a glance at South Central L.A.’s black neighborhood. A divorced father struggles to raise his son, Tre (Cuba Gooding, Jr.) in a world where violence is a reality of life.

The film ends with Clemenza, Rocco Lampone and Al Neri arriving and paying their respects to Michael. Clemenza kisses Michael’s hand and greets him as “Don Corleone.” As Kay watches, the workplace door is closed. Tom Hagen relays the information of Sonny’s death to the Don, who calls within the favor from Bonasera to personally handle the embalming of Sonny’s body. Rather than search revenge for Sonny’s killing, Don Corleone meets with the heads of the Five Families to barter a cease-fire. Not solely is the conflict draining all their property and threatening their survival, however ending it is the only way that Michael can return house safely. Reversing his previous determination, Vito agrees that the Corleone family will present political safety for Tattaglia’s traffic in heroin, so lengthy as it’s managed and never sold to kids.

In addition to its Oscars for Crawford and Mercedes McCambridge, the movie won the Best Picture prize. Special-effects grasp Ray Harryhausen provides the hero with a villanous magician and incredible antagonists, including a genie, big cyclops, fire-breathing dragons, and a sword-wielding animated skeleton, all in glorious Technicolor. And in fact no mythological tale would be full without the rescue of a damsel in distress, here a princess that the evil magician shrinks down to a mere few inches. Harryhausen’s stunning Dynamation process, which blended stop-motion animation and live-actions sequences, and a thrilling score by Bernard Herrmann (“Psycho,” “The Day the Earth Stood Still”) makes this one of the most interesting fantasy films of all time.

Betty BoopFour years before Walt Disney made “Snow White” the star of an animated motion image, the Fleischer brothers — director Dave and producer Max — turned the spunky, attractive Betty Boop into the fairy tale damsel. Trouble starts when the queen’s magic mirror says Betty Boop is fairest in the land and is ordered to be beheaded. Another Fleischer stalwart, Koko the Clown, is voiced by Cab Calloway and sings “St. James Infirmary Blues” in a spooky cave filled with flying skeletons and floating ghosts. Even by DreamWorks requirements, the allure and magic of “Shrek” appeared extraordinary upon its initial launch nearly 20 years ago — and its energy has but to decrease in the intervening years. With this story of a green-skinned, solitude-loving ogre, Shrek, who embarks on a noble quest, alongside his new friend, a lovable donkey, the film manages to be both a send-up of fairy tale tropes and an affectionate tribute to them.

For the scenes where Vito returns to Sicily, he even gained weight and wore a smaller model of the dental equipment Marlon Brando wore in the first film. James Caan requested that he be paid the identical amount of cash to play Santino ‘Sonny’ Corleone at the finish of the film within the flashback as he was paid to do The Godfather . In the scene in which younger Vito negotiates with Signor Roberto on the road, a passerby interrupts to say hiya to Vito. Carmelo Russo was an additional who was supposed to only walk by, but he improvised talking to Vito.

Hodkinson and actor, director, producer Hobart Bosworth had started manufacturing of a sequence of Jack London movies. Paramount was the first profitable nationwide distributor; until this time, films were offered on a statewide or regional basis which had proved pricey to film producers. Also, Famous Players and Lasky have been privately owned while Paramount was an organization.

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