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December 2, 2022

The new lps are method too sparkly and do not look realistic. I do not see any people on the internet do movies with the newer lps. I see them with the older sorts. I do not actually understand why somebody would change the cute lps. I assume they were good the method in which they have been. I am not attempting to be impolite, but I suppose it is stupid.

The old lps are super cute ps i really like the old pink sparkl cat with the flouwer round its eye. I miss the old petshops, so im with u . Sorry, however I would have to agree. Everyone just wants Savvy. What is she going to be worth when almost everyone has her?

Only like, a minimum of 200, and even that isn’t so much as a outcome of most of the in style movies have about 24,000 likes! I mean, your old Littlest Pet Shop toys had been THAT popular! She would not use any of your new stuff!

I know the old LPS had small bodies and large heads, but they have been extra proportionate than G3. I nonetheless have a very large collection of old LPS. Thank You, God, for having me still have those beloved cute lil’ toys. The old “g2” LPS which began in 2003 appears nostalgic to me. It simply has a innocent feel..

High school does not even have bullies like the two women she all the time complains about. Shouldn’t an LPS TV show be about cute animals doing cute things? It should NOT be about Blythe’s faculty problems! Although some animals just like 1094 south ocean boulevard palm beach fl 33480 the Panda are sort of cute, they get angry and jealous about dumb issues like dresses and dancing. Not to say that the singing and dancing is kind of annoying too.


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