What Is The Minimum Amount You Need To Buy Crypto At Kucoin?

July 27, 2022

Crypto trading is relatively easy compared to the conventional stock market because the funds and the initial investment are quite low compared to it. Many crypto trading platforms offer bitcoin exchange and other currencies, but KuCoin is considered the best. 

According to many crypto experts, it has the highest features among the competitors and is regarded as the best platform. The main reason for this is the high user base of KuCoin, which is more than 20 million users. Many people ask about the minimum amount you need to invest in cryptos. There is no limit to the maximum amount if you have completed all the verification, but there is a minimum amount. 

It is for the best of customers and the platform because nobody will be willing to sell their coins for a tiny amount. In this article, we will discuss the minimum amount you need to buy crypto at KuCoin. So let’s get started.

The Minimum Amount You Need To Buy Crypto At Kucoin.

You will need at least 10 USDT or equivalent to start trading in KuCoin. This is not too high or too low. Moreover, there are also limits on trading, depending on the coins you are willing to trade. If the market order of sell or buy is less than 0.1 USDT, then the KuCoin will automatically reject it.

On the other hand, different coins have their minimum buying and sell limit, such as KCS has a minimum limit of 0.001, Bitcoin has a minimum limit of 0.000001 BTC, Ethereum has a minimum limit of 0.00001 ETH price, dogecoin has a limit of 0.1 Doge, and minimum limit of TRX is 10. 

Limit Buy And Sell

For limit buy and sell, the product’s order amount and price must be greater than the minimum allowed limit; otherwise, KuCoin will not list it.

Market Buy And Sell

For market buy, the order value should be greater than the minimum allowed limit; for market sell, the product of order amount and last price of base currency should be greater than allowed limits.

Why Is A Minimum Limit For Trading Important?

In peer-to-peer trading, there are multiple orders for the coins that you are willing to purchase. If there is no limit for the coins, then there is a high chance that too many users will place the order for a low coin value, which is a waste of time. Moreover, the cryptocurrency stock might get overwhelmed by these low-value orders, and it can disrupt the market.

Final Thought

Although it might seem unnecessary, it is very important to have a minimum limit in the cryptocurrency exchange. The minimum amount you can deposit is about 10 USDT, and you can start trading at 0.1 USDT. There are different limits on different coins. The limits on Kucoin are not so high, which is why more users worldwide prefer it over other platforms. 

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