Sage Advice About why did katniss kill coin From a Five-Year-Old

May 22, 2021

Well, because the coin wasn’t a real coin, it was a fake coin. The person who created the coin had no idea what the coin was for, and if it had a real purpose, then maybe he or she could have saved everyone a lot of trouble.

That’s what the person who made the coin did. That’s why we think the coin wasnt a real coin. Its a fake coin, a fake coin. A fake coin.

And that’s why the person who made the coin created it. Because he was so pissed off, he did something so insane that it pushed him over the edge. If that makes sense I’m not sure how you would explain the person who made the coin.

He was probably just really pissed. Katniss is obviously not a normal person, and the only explanation that makes sense is that she killed coin to stop him from killing her. But she’s not normal, and so she did something crazy to piss off someone she is so pissed off with that it pushed her over the edge.

That sounds like a pretty convincing explanation, and I think it also answers the “why does it always look like this?” question.

This is something I wondered about when I first read about the coin. Is it possible that she was just a normal person who wanted to kill Katniss to take her out of the way? I mean, we don’t know but I’m sure it’s possible.

I was also curious about what the reason that she is using her coin is. I don’t know if she is just a regular person who has wanted to kill her own house or a friend in a strange city because she didn’t want to kill herself. She is not a typical person and she is probably a lot more intelligent than I am.

Katniss is the only female character in Hunger Games trilogy. So to us she is “normal” only in appearance. She may be a bit more smart than us, in fact she may be smarter than most people reading this, but she is also a bit more naive. She has her flaws, but she is not completely stupid. She knows that the games are a lot bigger than she is, but she is not completely oblivious.

Coin has a lot to say in Hunger Games. She comes in with a lot of baggage that will hopefully stick to Katniss. She has been involved in a lot of battles, and she has a lot of baggage. She has been a little naive and is maybe not as smart as Katniss, but she is definitely more naive than we are. She doesn’t like us taking her out, but she doesn’t want to be destroyed either.

Katniss is smart, but she is far from stupid. She is not stupid, and she knows the games are a lot bigger than she is. She knows that the games are about survival and war, and she wants to survive, and she wants to kill the other girls. She likes games, and she likes to kill, but she doesnt want to die.

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