Wsj Information Exclusive Stack Overflow Offered To Tech Giant Prosus For $1 8 Billion Stack Overflow, Training Software, Software Development

October 15, 2022

Software development is a subject where learning-by-doing is crucial; books and formal coursework can only get you a part of the greatest way. So the business presents just-in-time help for challenges that developers are encountering of their work. The questions are usually very technical and may be answered solely by experienced builders. It’s not uncommon to see sophisticated snippets of code in the solutions.

The deal has been finalised at a price of $1.8 billion, and is part of Prosus’s efforts to make one of the best out of the increasing market for online learning. In May 2010, Stack Overflow raised US$6 million in venture capital from Union Square Ventures and other investors, and it switched its focus to creating new websites for answering questions on particular subjects, Stack Exchange 2.0. Users vote on new website matters in a staging space called Area fifty one, where algorithms determine which instructed web site topics have crucial mass and must be created. In November 2010, Stack Exchange web site topics in “beta testing” included physics, mathematics, and writing. Stack Exchange publicly launched in January 2011 with 33 Web websites; it had 27 employees and 1.5 million customers on the time, and it included advertising.

Will it impact the rate at which questions are answered and accepted? We will have to wait till after the transaction closes on the end of Q to find out. For up to 250 team members there’s a Basic plan at $6 per teammate per month whereas the Business plan, for unlimited teammates and extra features together with precedence customer help is $12 per teammate per month. There’s additionally an Enterprise degree with Custom pricing and versatile internet hosting options.

Let’s all be clear although, Prosus didn’t purchase Stack Overflow… The CEO and board are who make giant purchases like this, and Naspers is the CEO and board for Prosus. Bob van Dijk is the present CEO of both Naspers and Prosus.

We are speaking of 1000’s of questions like that every day. The company loves huge site visitors so they will encourage the conduct quite than in search of to forestall it. Also the soulless “rep hunters” love answering the identical question again and again, in order that they get answered. It’s been a very production design plays supporting very long time since this was a web site for skilled & fanatic programmers. Stack OverFlow operates a free web site for software engineers to share questions and solutions, and it has an enterprise product, Stack OverFlow for Business, that helps do the identical inside giant organizations and throughout totally different topics.

I checked the commenter’s profile immediately and, again, subsequent day. Apparently, there was a historical past of such abuse because the commenter got a one yr suspension from SO inside that 24 hour period. This is the utmost penalty in need of account deletion, reserved for repeated offenses. The commenter would have been warned a quantity of times, each on the location and in email, and have acquired shorter suspensions prior to now. With that said, I grew up studying to program earlier than the Internet was a factor and I imagine I even have an advantage now because I learned to suppose via a problem and not simply rely on discovering simple answers. Also, when you maintain discovering incorrect solutions on SO, there are mechanisms that permit you to present suggestions – even present proper answers.

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