Business Opportunity in Metaverse that can be Tapped with AI

August 30, 2023
Business Opportunity in Metaverse that can be Tapped with AI
  • Business will run in the metaverse just like the real world
  • AI will help these businesses function more fluently

Metaverse and AI are rapidly transforming every aspect of human life. Currently, we are living in a technologically advanced world surrounded by various technologies. AI offers numerous opportunities and benefits that no other technology can provide. It has undoubtedly eased our lives in many ways, but what about the changes it brings to the field of business?

In this article, we will explore the opportunities that AI has to offer in the field of Business.

The metaverse is also not away from people’s minds ; today, everyone is aware of it, and it is no longer just an imagination. Not only this Metaverse offers several unique features, such as learning through virtual simulations.

While we are already aware of the convenience it provides in other aspects of life, let’s understand how helpful it can be in the field of business. This aspect of the metaverse will be discussed in detail in this article.

Metaverse: Major applications in three business fields

  1. Gaming 

Developers can create metaverse games that will entertain users within the metaverse. They can even develop separate game spaces on the metaverse where users can come and play games. Moreover,  AI can also fuel this process, enabling the development of hyperrealistic games in the metaverse. Graphics can be designed with more detail and precision using AI, resulting in a unique and immersive gaming experience.   Thus,developing immersive games with the use of AI can not only become a great source of revenue for game developers but also contribute to the growth of the metaverse as more and more users will adopt it. 

  1. Real Estate

We all know how much real estate dealers earn in the real world. Everyday, the price of real estate skyrockets due to the increasing demand for it. However, visionary real estate dealers have already started buying land in the metaverse because they recognise the potential the metaverse has as more and more users will adopt it attracted by its unique features. As more users start shifting to the metaverse, the price of real estate will also rise.  In the metaverse, you can earn not only by selling land in it but also by renting it out to others.

  1. Retail

It is obvious that the avatars that players develop to represent themselves in the metaverse will require some apparels to wear. Users can spend a high amount in the metaverse on their avatar’s clothing . So, investors can also open a retail store in the metaverse where users will buy clothesfor their avatars. Currently, there are not many shops in the metaverse that provide  this service. Therefore, if you move into this space now, you can even claim the first-mover advantage.

In conclusion, the metaverse is still in its developmental stages. Today, many companies like Meta, Sandbox and Decentraland are working hard day and night to convert the dream of the metaverse into reality. It is expected that the metaverse market will reach an astonishing $900 Billion bythe year 2030. As more users move to these metaverses, the demand forservices will also rise,  creating opportunities for investors to earn profits through the metaverse. AI will fuel this process with tools and technology that not only simplify the developers’ work but also increase their efficiency.

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