JTC ESQ PFP Ordinals Distributed To JTC Community

February 19, 2024

Jurat, a blockchain solutions company aiming to bridge the gap between the legal world and web3, recently distributed their ESQ PFP Ordinals as an airdrop to dedicated community members. These 1,100 unique NFTs boast distinctive rarity features as well as innovative use cases, including on-chain legal remedies via a novel docket-connect solution and on-chain commercial licensing and royalty enforcement.

Let’s delve into the details of ESQ PFP Ordinals and explore their significance in the digital asset space. 

Rarity Explained: Navigating the ESQ PFP Flock

In the realm of NFTs, rarity reigns supreme.

It denotes scarcity and uniqueness, impacting perceived value and potential returns. Understanding the value of these adorable goat PFPS requires traders to delve deeper into their specific trait set. Here’s your guide to navigating the rarity of the ESQ PFP flock:

Each ESQ PFP is crafted from a combination of traits, and information about the traits is broken down into four categories: 

  1. Type: This refers to the broad category of a trait, encompassing elements like background, body, mouth, outfits & headwear, and hand accessories.
  2. Name: This specifies the precise trait within a category, for example, “gray beard” within the “mouth” category.
  3. Drop Count: This denotes the number of times a specific trait appears amongst the entire collection of 1,100 JTC Ordinals.
  4. Drop Percentage: This translates the Drop Count into a readily digestible format, revealing the frequency of a trait as a percentage (e.g., 110 out of 1,100 translates to a 10% Drop Percentage).

While Drop Percentage offers a numerical guide, seasoned NFT collectors often consider traits with a 10% or lower Drop Percentage as “rare.” However, rarity isn’t a solitary pursuit. Astute collectors value unique combinations of traits that create visually appealing or thematically resonant Ordinals. 

For instance, an ESQ PFP sporting a “Tacos Hand Accessory” (1 out of 1,100) paired with a “Graying Beard Accessory” (also 1 out of 1,100) possesses remarkable rarity due to its unique combination. However, collectors may still value an Ordinal with a combination with a lower rarity score due to visual appeal. 

A dedicated rarity table on the official JTC Ordinal page allows you to delve deeper into the specific rarity of your ESQ PFP.

Beyond PFPs: Unveiling the Diverse Utility of JTC Ordinals

ESQ PFP Ordinals might captivate attention with their vibrant aesthetics and bragging rights in the Jurat community, but their true potential lies beyond visuals and rarity. The JTC blockchain, where Ordinals are minted and stored, offers a unique suite of features extending far beyond PFPs.

Let’s now explore the use cases and benefits they unlock for creators and collectors. 

On-Chain Licensing and Royalties: Imagine a world where creators automatically receive royalties whenever their work is used or resold. JTC Ordinals makes this vision a reality by embedding licensing agreements directly into the blockchain. This ensures creators retain control over their intellectual property and receive fair compensation for its use, unlike traditional, often opaque licensing models.

Benefits for Creators:

  • Automatic royalty payments upon secondary sales, eliminating intermediaries.
  • Legal clarity regarding how buyers can use an artist’s work ingrained in the Ordinal metadata.
  • The possibility of recovering lost or stolen Ordinals through the JTC docket-connect system. 

Benefits for Collectors:

  • Confidence in ownership and usage rights associated with the JTC Ordinal.
  • Direct support for creators, fostering a thriving ecosystem.
  • Potential for additional benefits as licensing models evolve.

Tokenization of Real-World Assets (RWAs): Tokenizing real-world assets unlocks exciting possibilities for fractional ownership of valuable art, democratized access to real estate investment, and seamless trading of a myriad of assets. But a crucial challenge remains – enforcing real-world legal rights in the digital realm. Without this connection, trust crumbles, and the entire system falters.

That’s where JTC Ordinals step in. Built on the innovative JTC blockchain, these Ordinals offer a revolutionary approach to tokenization: direct access to legal recourse through docket-connect technology. This unique feature empowers individuals, attorneys, and asset management projects to confidently tokenize real-world assets, knowing their intended legal rights are embedded within the very fabric of the token itself and can be recovered in the case of a hack or scam. 

Final Thoughts on the ESQ PFP Ordinals Airdrop 

The distribution of 1,100 distinctive ESQ PFP Ordinals through an airdrop to the Jurat community signifies more than exclusive bragging rights. Beyond their eye-catching designs, these NFTs showcase the transformative potential of JTC Ordinals. With their unique features, including on-chain licensing, royalty enforcement, and docket-connect technology, the community and Jurat team firmly believe that these Ordinals have the capacity to drive mainstream blockchain adoption. 

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